Copyright law, case I ACr 453/95

April 26th, 2005, Tomasz Rychlicki

The Appellate Court in Warsaw in its judgment of 5 July 1995, case file I ACr 453/95, unpublished, held that on the grounds of the copyright law one has to oppose the actions of a creative nature against the technical operation and actions. The result of the latter is verifiable and repeatable, and its accomplishment only requires specific knowledge and efficiency. It is possible to predict a specific result of such actions. The feature of creativity, and thus the work itself, is the individual recognition and uniqueness of the accomplished result, in other words, the objective novelty, originality, autonomous creation, the creator’s personality projection as reflected in the work, whose effect is unpredictable, as the final result of the creative work (at least some elements).

See also “Polish regulations on copyright” and “Polish case law on copyright“.