Procedural law, case III SA 729/84

June 24th, 2005, Tomasz Rychlicki

The Supreme Administrative Court in its judgment of 7 December 1984 case file III SA 729/84, published in ONSA 1984 No 2 item 117, stressed that in order to implement the principle of Rule of Law, it is necessary first of all, strict adherence to the law, particularly with regard to clarify the exact circumstances of the case, to respond to specific requests and arguments of a party of the proceedings. The Administrative authority is also obliged take all necessary steps to clarify the facts of a case and to resolve it, having regard to the public interest and the legitimate interests of members of the public. The public administration body is also required to comprehensively collect and examine all evidential material. The public administration body should assess whether a given circumstance has been proven on the basis of the entirety of the evidential material and the factual justification of the decision should contain the facts that the body regards as proven, the evidence relied upon and the reasons for which other evidence has been treated as not authentic and without probative force. The legal justification should contain the legal authority for the decision with reference to the relevant law.