Trade mark law, case Sp. 127/07 and Sp. 254/07

August 11th, 2008, Tomasz Rychlicki

Sokpol Company from Myszków has applied for the word-figurative trade mark “Zloty Potok” (“Golden stream”) in 2001. In 2006, the Polish Patent Office granted the right of protection for this trade mark, R-177610.


Zloty Potok Company, which has its headquarters in the village of Złoty Potok, applied for a word-figurative trade mark “Zloty Potok Naturalna Woda Zródlana” in 2005. In 2007, the PPO granted the protection right R-185543. Zloty Potok and Gmina Janów have filed a request for invalidation of the right of protection Sokpol’s trade mark before the Polish Patent Office.


The patent attorney representing Zloty Potok argued that Sokpol’s trade mark is misleading because its products did not come from Zloty Potok’s spring from Janów and that such water is only produced by Zloty Potok. Sokpol only received a consent to use this name for its products from the administrative district of Gmina Lesna, where Zloty Potok is located. However the distance between the village of Zloty Potok and Myszków, where Sokpol is based,is around 370 km. This situation, in Zloty Potok representative’s opinion, could also lead to consumers confusion.

The PPO in its decisions case no Sp. 127/07 and Sp. 254/07, has ruled that both “Zloty Potok” trade marks differ because of their rich layout and fancy designs and that there is no risk of consumer confusion as regards to origin of goods. These decisions are not final and are not binding. Both parties may lodge a complaint to the Voivodeship Administrative Court.

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