Procedural law, case V CSK 269/09

April 11th, 2010, Tomasz Rychlicki

The Supreme Court in its judgment of 10 February 2010 case file V CSK 269/09 held that publishing information on the Internet about a specific fact does not mean that it is deemed as “widely known fact”, as it was defined in Article 228 § 1 of the Civil Proceedings Code – CPC (in Polish: Kodeks Postępowania Cywilnego) of 17 November 1964, published in Journal of Laws (Dziennik Ustaw) No. 43, item 296, with subsequent amendments.

Article 228
§ 1 Known facts do not require evidence.
§ 2 The same applies to the facts known to the court ex officio, however, the court should draw the attention of the parties to these facts during the hearings.

The Court did not agree with the opinion that data published on the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture is well known information or fact.