Computer crime, case XII K 32/10

October 20th, 2010, Tomasz Rychlicki

A locally practicing lawyer (advocate) from Kielce used the nickname “bondd007” and posted on an online forum, among others such comments that the Director of the Tax Office in Kielce “probably likes” when the manager of one of the departments “puts an ice cream” – the expression in Polish slang that means oral sex.

The Regional Court in Kielce in its judgment of March 2010 case file XII K 32/10, found the lawyer guilty of defamation. The Court held that such words insulted the manager, slander her to sexual contact with the principal in the workplace and thus exposed her to a loss of trust necessary for the position occupied. The District Court in Kielce in its judgment of 19 October 2010 upheld the judgment.