I was born on 2nd May of some beautiful year. Graduated from the University of Gdańsk, the Faculty of Law, Center of European Law. I also studied international IP law as part of the LL.M. Program in International Intellectual Property Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law. I am a Polish patent and trade mark attorney and European trade mark and design attorney.

I am an author (and I probably will be) of couple of less or more scientific articles concerning intellectual property and new technologies issues. I am Polish country correspondent for the Computer and Telecommunications Law Review. I am also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice and I am one of the founding members of the Editorial Committe of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review and the author of a Polish chapter in the International Free and Open Source Software Law Book published by Open Source Press GmbH.

Writing a CV is not my purpose here. For your information, however, my first contact with the Internet was in 1994. I was given a shell account on the University server working with the HP UNIX® operating system.

Family and friends

I would like to thank many great people to whom I owe who I am right now. These wonderful people are Marcin Sochacki, Rafał Połoński, Wojtek Krosnowski, Artur Zawiasinski, Zofia and Andrzej Rychliccy, Magdalena and Jakub Karczewscy, Dominik Lachowicz, Michał Liebrecht, Monika Wojda, Daniel Hałabuda, Bartosz Grajewski, Daniel Kończyk, Adam Zawiasinski, Łukasz Szymański, Grzegorz Jędrasik, Agnieszka i Marek Piotrowscy. Hudge thanks for great help goes to Jeremy Phillips. Additional shout-outs go to my godson Jakub. The inspiration to make this website came from Anna. Thank you Angel!

Contact and legal advices

I created and have been updating this website to have a comprehensive compilation of resources of issues I am interested in. Generally I focus my interests on IP and IT law, especially trademarks, trade secrets and copyright but I am also interested in legal issues of computers and telecommunication networks. If you want to contact with me, do not hesitate. Just use (my Polish name) e-mail address. I will do my best to answer each e-mail I will receive. I really care about e-mails with information on mistakes on these webpages! Thanks for your help.


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