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Industrial design law, case II GSK 932/09

January 10th, 2011, Tomasz Rychlicki

The Supreme Administrative Court in its judgment of 19 October 2010 case file II GSK 932/09 held that an industrial design concerns the form of a product, i.e. external characteristics that are observable, and individual appearances of a product cannot be claimed only because the material which was used to achieve the final effect (that was claimed in the application of the industrial design) is different from the one initially used, or that the production method of the design has changed. Also, these external elements which are not sufficiently visible cannot decide on a different, individual character of the industrial design.


This judgment concerned the industrial design “Zadaszenie drzwi” (in English: door canopy), Rp-9192. The judgment is not yet final. A cassation complaint may be filed to the Supreme Administrative Court. See also “Polish regulations on industrial designs” and “Polish case law on industrial designs“.